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Message from the Chairman of the Board

CCD messg2017To Our Beloved Members of the CMC Family, Patients and Friends


          On behalf of the CMC Board of Directors, Medical Staff, Management, and staff, we would like to thank all of CMC’s customers and partners for your most valued support and patronage during the past years. 2016 was a year where we made continued progress in our services. We have pursued advancement in our key service lines which include cardiac care, neurology, oncology and orthopedics, to name a few. Our Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery has successfully performed open heart surgery. The Stroke Unit has also been launched by our Neurology Department to provide better care to stroke patients. The latest addition to our line of service is the Ambulatory Oncology Treatment Unit. It was  established to provide a dedicated facility where stable cancer patients can receive chemotherapy, biological therapy or supportive treatment in restful, comfortable and controlled environment.   

          Once again, we acknowledge your continued and ongoing support, and we look forward that this year will be even more successful as we work with you, our valued partners.

Thank you at Mabuhay Po Tayong  Lahat !


Respectfully  yours,


CARMINA C. DESALES, MHA, FPCHA                 

Chairman of the Board / President / CEO






As we brace for the Holidays, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thankfulness to our Almighty Father for another year of significant existence for Capitol Medical Center.  

2016 has posed tremendous challenges for our institution both in our internal and external operations. Yet towards the end we have come to realize that these are meant to boost our resilience and unwavering efforts that will uphold our advocacy for Quality Healthcare Service delivered to our countrymen regardless of color and affiliation. There are threats of change and all other factors that may have hindered us to the extent of dampening our ardour to just go on. However, we managed and pushed for a more productive performance as we continue to work and realize our corporate goals. Some of these challenges may have slowed our pace but it gave us the opportunity to pause, strategize and prepare for more undertakings that will retain our present stature.

We thank our stakeholders for the trust and patronage, and for choosing CMC as your healthcare partner. We will continue with our Matriarch’s legacy of Service Excellence, Compassionate and Tender Loving Care and we hope to be of continuous partnership with all of you.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  

Truly yours,


Chairman of the Board / President / CEO

CMC at 46 . . Another Vision turned into Action

CMC AT 46 . . .  ANOTHER





February 08, 2016 marked the start of the Year of the Monkey at the same time unfolded one of CMC’s biggest dream that is to see its Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery (TCVS) in full operation. Mr. Aluptos Zingalawa was the first patient to undergo Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery. This adds up to the list of “state of the art” facilities and services that CMC offers to its clients spanning for four and a half decades. The successful procedure was performed by a team of competent Physicians an
d Professional health care workers headed by Dr. Rector L. Villajuan and Dr. Felixberto Lukban, TCVS Surgeons.  Another first in CMC is the installation of a Solar Energy Panel to support the Green advocacy at the same time provides back-up power supply for more than a thousand fluorescent lamps in the hallways of the hospital. Another achievement for CMC is the Breastfeeding accreditation.

The CMC Cardiovascular Team successfully performed the first-ever coronary artery bypass graft or open heart surgery last February 8, 2016. With the compassion of CMC Management, the medical team and generous benefactors, the surgery was performed on a 52 years old male, married, and a freelance electrician who is suffering from coronary   artery with 5 vessels disease.


Patient Aluptos Zingalawa from Angeles City, Pampanga is diabetic since 2001 and had a stroke attack on December 2014. On November 2015, he was referred to Dr. Rector Villajuan, a Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgeon.

The patient was submitted for angioplasty and the result was not good enough to give the patient a normal heart function.  After the procedure, Dr. Villajuan informed the patient that he needs to undergo an open heart surgery. Patient Zingalawa admitted that he cannot afford to shoulder the expenses and it was though the kindness of Dr. Villajuan that Mr. Zingalawa's surgery was made possible.


Two months after, Dr. Villajuan was able to set and arrange the operation of Mr. Zingalawa at Capitol Medical Center.
The CMC Management under the Cardiovascular Center accepted the patient as a service case (free of charge) while other hospital bills were covered by Phil Health and PCSO.

The surgery was scheduled on February 8, 2016 and lasted for 8 hours. It was a successful operation for the Department of Surgery and another milestone for Capitol Medical Center being its first-ever open heart surgery.

The Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgical team was headed by Dr. Rector Villajuan an alumnus of Capitol Medical Center where he finished his residency training under the Department of Surgery.  He was assisted by Dr. Felixberto Lukban, Cardiologist; Drs. Carina Dipasupil and Ma. Theresa Lapesura, Cardiac Anesthesiologist; Dr. Jen Cantre. Intensivist; Mr. JR Pang & Mr. Jose Marri Baccus, Perfusionists.   The medical team, on the other hand was headed by Dr. Mario Villardo, Cardiologist; Dr. Lailani Baldiviso, Diabetologist; and Drs. Kathleen Descalla-Mata, Sabrina Gonzales & Ronald Segundo, Surgeon assistants.

Patient Aluptos Zingalawa went home after a few days stay in the hospital.  Before he was discharged from Capitol Medical Center, he shared the following statement as a manifestation of his appreciation, " We are extremely grateful to Dr. Rector Villajuan, all the doctors, the CMC Management, the Nurses and hospital Staff who took care of me during the operation. My family are so happy for the warm affection and care accorded to me during my confinement and most specially for giving me a chance to extend my life".

The Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgical Team who performed the first open heart surgery in CMC, headed by Dr. Recto Vilajuan and Dr. Felixberto Lukban

surgery staff



Mother Baby Friendly Hospitals


mommybabyWe are awaiting for the official notice to be one of the “Mother Baby Friendly Hospitals" duly accredited by the Department of Health.  We are also, continuously working on the ISO Accreditation simultaneous with the upgrading of our facilities and services.  Adversities will crop up every now and then but with a solid grounding and a cohesive team, it will not take long for the institution to pass through its down times and re-emerge once again with the able assistance from the younger generation of both the Medical Staff and the employees as well.





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