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CMC Newsletter - 2013 2nd Edition

2013 Employees Service Awardees

30 Years of Service     25Years of Service   20Years of  Service    15Years of  Service   10Years of Service   5 Years of Service

Arambulo, F.C.

Cañaveral, E.D.

Cruz, D.C.

Gabata, E.M.

Manabe, A.E.

Manialles, M.F.


 Arguilla, L.D.

Benitez, MT.C.

Leyson, A.G.

Mangay, O.N.

Pauig, L.P.   


Arcilla, M.G.

Manongsong, C.M.

Nuesca, A.H.

Sabanal, E.L.


Badua, C.A.

Brigoli, E.V.

Brojas, S.S.

Etorma, A.G.

Hilario, M.G.

Mendoza, MJ.M.

Perang GM.D

Roco, M.C.

Romero, B.R.

Roxas, MAP.

Abuan, JA.L.

Amores, A.A.

Ang, E.T.


Balasan,  JV.R.

Balmeo, JR.B.

Barlaan, J.C.

Barredo, O.P.

Caranto, J.P.

Concepcion, DK.A.

De Vera, J.B.

Del Valle, J.G.

Eduardo, EV.V.

Enriquez, AFK.G.

Esteban, M.A.

Freo, J.S.

Garbo, A.M.

Garcia, J.D.

Gonzales, L.F.

Inocencio, AR.D.

Juliano, I.P.

Lachica, M.A.

Lazaro, DC.P.

Malagamba, M.J.

Mallabo, D.T.

Mangaser, MG M.

Necesito, I.M.

Orden, R.R.

Petil, N.G.

Ragasa, GG. C.

Ramiro, R.R.

Ramos, K.R.

Sales, H.M.

San Roque, D.M.

Sanchez, RA. A.

Tuliao, L.N.

Vibar, E.T.

Villanueva, L.M.



Capitol Medical Center Colleges Batch 2013

by Dean Mary Jane Cortez, RN,MAN

Capitol Medical Center Colleges celebrated its 8th Commencement Exercises last April 1, 2013 at Hotel Rembrandt with Eighty-Six (86) graduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program with the theme | Recognizing the Importance of Social Accountability as Health Care Professionals".






The keynote speaker was Dr. Ma. Linda G. Buhat, RN President of the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines. CMCC will have its first batch of graduates for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology programs by March 2014. CMCC is located at No 04 Sto. Domingo Ave.,Q.C.Website: http://www.capitolmedical.org/CMCcolleges/. Trunkline 7425531





Employees' Corner 2013

Capitol Medical Center in its continuous efforts to improve its services always taps the best talents in town and molds them to be excellent shepherds in the healthcare industry.  For the past four decades, Capitol has groomed its employees to go up the corporate ladder and assume responsible positions of their respective fields.   For 2013, the following are CMC’s Cream of the Crop.

  CITA J. ZABALA, Nurse Supervisor – a graduate of CMCC batch 86, she was a returnee to CMC in 2001, promoted as Head Nurse on    March 01, 2005. During her stint with CMC she has proven her dedication    as a Staff, Charge and Head Nurse. Hence she was promoted as Supervisor effective January 23, 2013.
  MA. TERESA A. MEDINA, Nurse Supervisor- she finished BSN at the St. Jude College of Nursing and took Masters units at the University of Santo Tomas. She was re hired in 2005 as Head Nurse and was trained as Supervisor in 2011. Her commitment to the Nursing profession made her shine above the rest.
  ARLENE L. DESEMBRANA, Nurse Supervisor – a BSN graduate from the Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) she was re-hired as Head Nurse at CMC on July 01, 2003. She became Supervisor Trainee in 2011 and was confirmed as Supervisor on February 4, 2013.
  CYNTHIA S. LAZARO, Asst. Supervisor, Accounting – she graduated from University of Santo Tomas with the degree Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Hired in August 2000 as Clerk, then promoted as In Charge in 2007 then trained as Asst. Supervisor in February 2012. She was officially confirmed to the position in November 2012.
MA. LOURDES CRISELDA O. CABURNAY, In Charge – Nuclear Medicine – a Registered Medical Technologist she graduated from Centro Escolar University in 1990 then joined CMC in October 1994. Her almost a decade exposure to Nuclear Medicine, qualified her for the In Charge position which she readily assumed when her Immediate Superior left in September 2011.
ARVIN S. ALIVANERA, In Charge – Pulmonary Laboratory – Arvin is a graduate of BS Respiratory Therapy and BS Nursing in 2003 from the Perpetual Help College of Manila. He was hired at CMC on September 23, 2008 and has gained sufficient exposure in Respiratory Therapy prior to his appointment as In Charge.



CMC Nurses' Day Celebration

by Ms. Ludivina Evangelista, RN

The year 2012 has been a milestone for the Nursing Service Department not just because of its active participation in the hospital’s PhilHealth Accreditation, but also on its first ever Nurses’ Week Celebration held last October. As the Overall Chairman, it was an honor to organize such a meaningful activity that commemorated the history and the essence of the Nursing Profession.

It was a rough start, considering that it is the first time to hold it in our institution. I myself had difficulty in planning the activities and most of us were thinking where to get funds. Time pressure plus the tight schedule of everybody was a dilemma. Thankfully, with the combined efforts of the Nursing Division Family, everything became possible. After several months of preparations, the contribution and the hard work of each and everyone paid off. It was a delight to see, that once in a while, our nurses receive this kind of recognition, making them realize the nobility and importance of our profession. I hope through this, many will be more inspired to perform better. I am proud to say that our nurses at Capitol Medical Center are not just knowledgeable and skilled in providing excellent patient care, but they are also well rounded individuals with great ideas that, produce astonishing results.

The Quiz Bee proved that our nurses are equipped with up to date knowledge and information. It has been a tight match, indicating that our nurses are equally intelligent. On the other hand, the Skills Competition demonstrated the ability of our dedicated Midwives and Orderlies under time pressure. The highlight of the affair was the Fashion Show on the Evolution of the Nurses’ Uniform.. Everyone, including our guest, Hon. Marco Sto. Tomas, appreciated this portion, commending all our efforts to look back on how Nursing has developed through time. The most awaited part was the announcement of winners to the Mr. & Ms. Nightingale which brought the stage down. The affair made history of the Nursing Division.








On behalf of the whole Nursing Division my sincerest gratitude goes to all our sponsors, the members of the MANCOM and Dr. Thelma N. Clemente. This event will not be possible without you. I am also grateful to our beloved Chief Nurse, Ms. Ingrid S. Yap, RN, for entrusting me with all the preparations for this big event. Her support and trust has given me the confidence in performing better. And lastly, my warmest thanks to all the nurses, midwives and orderlies who became part of this activity. I am sure everybody is looking forward to the next Nurses’ Week Celebration. (Ms. Ludivina M. Evangelista, RN, Over-all Chairman)


Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive Capsulitis is the medical term for Frozen Shoulder – sometimes abbreviated to FSS (frozen shoulder syndrome). This is a condition which affects the ability to move the shoulder, and usually only occurs on one side. Sometimes the problem can spread to the other shoulder (approximately 1 person in 5).







The medical term literally describes what is seen in this condition – adhesive meaning sticky, and capsulitis meaning inflammation of the joint capsule. It is thought that a lot of the symptoms are due to the capsule becoming inflamed and ‘sticking’, making the joint stiff and difficult to move. This is not the same as arthritis, and no other joints are usually affected.







Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

The shoulder pain induced by this condition has been described in three phases, so the symptoms will differ depending on the phase of the condition.

The Painful (Freezing) Phase

  • Gradual onset of aching shoulder.
  • Developing widespread pain, often worst at night and when lying on the affected side.
  • This phase can last anywhere between 2-9 months.

The Stiffening (Frozen) Phase

  • Stiffness starts to become a problem.
  • Pain level usually does not alter.
  • Difficulty with normal daily tasks such as dressing, preparing food, carrying bags, working.
  • Muscle wastage may be evident due to lack of use.
  • This stage can last between 4-12 months.

The Thawing Phase

  • Gradual improvement in range of movement
  • Gradual decrease in pain, although it may re-appear as stiffness eases
  • This stage can last between 5-12 months

    For more information about Frozen Shoulder, you may visit the CMC Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ground Floor, CMC Bldg. 2, Panay Avenue Quezon City.